It all starts with garage, where good things happen


How do you start a company that provides great workplace experience combined with the first class hospitality services?

In a Toronto garage bordering beautiful High Park with few fellows bringing together grit, expertise, and experience.

This is the story about Hivers Workspaces. We will try to keep our storytelling concise and meaningful, and this is the first chapter about our quest to create a unique workplace and hospitality establishment.

Why Hivers?

Hiver(s) is a term popularly used in the 17th century to define “someone who keeps beehives”. We looked for answers in nature and found that bees offer many insights as how a human working hive should be sized, built, and organized. For example, western honey bees prefer nest cavities approximately 45 litres in volume and avoid those smaller than 10 or larger than 100 litres.

In essence, our company hopes to address one of the major downsides in the office as a service industry. The current model often works for big metropolitan centers like Toronto or Vancouver, but fails short in addressing needs of smaller, suburban communities that need such spaces and related services as well.

Our first decision was to move away from the downtown metropolitan core where all the “action” seems to take place. We are certain that Hivers Workspaces can work in places like Collingwood or Guelph just like in Toronto or Vancouver, and we look to provide much needed office, meeting, and special event space for such communities.

The second decision was to bring nature to the workplace. All our office furnishings are hand made in Canada from 100 % wood sourced from sustainable resources, and complemented by the best in ergonomic and office design. Moreover, plants are welcome species in the Sherway Hive and essential cohabitants that work miracles only for a little bit of water and some love.

Last, but not the least, our mission goes beyond the business itself.  “Loss of insect diversity and abundance is expected to provoke cascading effects on food webs and to jeopardize ecosystem services“, and we are looking to become ambassadors for a very just cause, and wish to help raise awareness about the impact of insect loss on our food supply.

End result, we hope,  is boutique office as a service company that will connect work with convenience and flexibility across Canada’s small and medium business sector. Along the way we will incorporate the best green design / build practices, combined with the latest developments from the hospitality and tech world.

Stay tuned and visit the Sherway Gardens hive. Please contact us to schedule your tour.

Hivers Workspaces – Where work and hospitality coincide

We provide short and long term office, conference, and special event space rentals with all amenities and managed hospitality services in Etobicoke, across the street from Sherway Gardens.


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